Mind Manager

Through this course you will have seen some examples of Mind Maps created using Mind Manager software. We find this tool a first class resource for anything that requires creative thought and managing information - and we will be illustrating how it can be incorporated into your data collection, analysis and writing processes as we progress through the next parts of this course.

While it is possible to make Mind Maps by hand, we strongly recommend that you download and familiarise yourself with Mindjet's Mind Mapping software. You can get a 30-day trial version here:

We definitely suggest that you use the trial version of Mind Manager during this course. However, if it is out of your budget for regular use, you can also find many free Mind Mapping apps and programmes after the course is over.

There are TWO extra videos in this lesson as follows:

  • "How To Mind Map" where Tony Buzan explains the theory and principles of Mind Mapping
  • "Getting Started With Mind Manager" outlines the base functions you can use when using Mindjet's Mind Manager software

Please note that the extra videos are hosted on YouTube and cannot be downloaded directly.

Please do take a few minutes to explore the functions of Mind manager software before continuing with the course.

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